Our Story

john muir trail, 2016

Like many good ideas, Grazer Bar was dreamt up on a hike. A particularly long hike as a matter of fact; 22 days. In August 2016, four friends decided to answer the call of the mountains, and embark on the hallowed John Muir Trail. Everyday was a new adventure filled with awe-inspiring beauty, transcendent conversation, but the same processed, overly-sweet, textureless blobs called energy bars… As the trip continued, we got more and more tired of our bar stash (the usual suspects), but continued forcing them down to keep up with burning 4000+ calories per day!

The idea for Grazer Bar began one morning when we didn’t have time to make our favorite trail-breakfast staples: coffee and oatmeal. Instead we choked down the same old bars for breakfast. If only we could have had a version of our favorite meal to go! Right then, the idea for our Espresso Bean Oatmeal bar was born. The rest of the hike we brainstormed the kinds of bars we would look forward to eating all day long.

A bar with little caffeine for the morning! Something not too sweet and tart during the day. A rich protein bar for the afternoon to get us through til dinner.

All made with real, clean, plant-based ingredients. Food we would be proud to put in our bodies. Whether it is backpacking, climbing, triathlons, or even an exciting day at work. Grazer Bar is for people who love what they do.

Graze On